Procesos de Mercado: Revista Europea de Economía Política

The journal Procesos de Mercado springs from the vocation of its founder, Jesús Huerta de Soto, and his deep interest in academic research and output on the Austrian School of Economics.

Procesos de Mercado was founded with the fundamental purpose of bridging the gap between the small number of high-level scientific journals in Europe publishing papers written from the Austrian perspective and the ever-increasing number of academically and scientifically rigorous studies and research projects done in the tradition of this school of thought.

The focus of the journal is clearly multidisciplinary: It welcomes not only more abstract analytical papers, but also historical ones illustrating theoretical approaches, applied economics papers, methodological studies, analyses of law and institutions, articles on the history of thought, and, in general, any rigorous research in the tradition of the Austrian School of Economics.