Master’s Dissertation Itinerary

In brief

The master’s dissertation is conceived as the culmination and conclusion of the master’s program and involves applying all the knowledge the student has acquired.

At an advanced stage in the program, each student will choose a topic from among those covered and studied in the master’s program. With the help of a mentor – a professor in the program – the student will complete an academic dissertation which, upon the approval of the mentor, the student will ultimately present before an evaluation panel.

The dissertation itinerary for the master’s program in Austrian Economics follows the structure used for master’s dissertations in official programs in the European Higher Education Area. The preparation of the dissertation is the final stage of the program. Below, you will find a detailed list of all the necessary information regarding the master’s dissertation.


The student will choose the topic of the work from the material studied in the master’s program.


All students will have a personal mentor who will guide them through the entire process of writing the dissertation.


Contact with the mentor will take place in individual mentoring sessions. These can be supplemented with e-mail contact.


The work will have a length of approximately sixty pages.


Once the work has been completed and turned in and the mentor has approved it, the student will present it briefly (approximately fifteen minutes) before a panel that will evaluate it.


Students can choose to present their master’s dissertation in either Spanish or English.