Related Projects

The major impact the master’s program in Austrian Economics has exerted and continues to exert has given rise to many other libertarian projects of great interest

You will find some examples below.

In addition to these specific projects, many other former students of Professor Huerta de Soto have obtained positions of academic, entrepreneurial, and political prestige, and they have spread Austrian ideals in a wide range of sectors and influenced current political and economic affairs in various ways.


The Juan de Mariana Institute is a Spanish think tank founded in 2005 in the city of Madrid by a group of former students of the master’s program in Austrian Economics, with Gabriel Calzada at the helm. Calzada is currently the rector of Francisco Marroquín University in Guatemala. His goal is to promote expanding spaces of liberty in society, and his main objective is to become a point of reference in the debate about ideas and public policies on the path toward a free society through study and the dissemination of free-market principles. The institute focuses its efforts chiefly on a broad range of publications and events.

One of the institute’s many activities is the Conference on Austrian Economics, the twelfth edition of which took place in 2019.

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The Xoán de Lugo Association is a Galician non-profit educational association founded in 2002 by Miguel Anxo Bastos, another disciple of Professor Huerta de Soto and a professor of Austrian Economics himself. Professor Bastos is the honorary president and manages the association together with a group of students from the University of Santiago de Compostela. The association considers Professor Huerta de Soto to be one of its leading exponents. Moreover, its governing board is currently made up of former students and disciples of Professor Huerta de Soto. Óscar R. Carreiro, who at present is a professor in the master’s program in Austrian Economics, co-directs the association.

The Xoán de Lugo Association proudly and staunchly defends anarcho-capitalist and Austrian ideals and remains true to the principles of this school of thought. The association also declares its support for culture, Christian morality, and the Catholic Church.

The association’s main activity centers around academic output and dissemination via its website, social media, and its various in-person events, particularly the academic Austrian-Galician Conference, the fifth edition of which will be held this year.

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