Other Conferences and Events

In Spain, there are other academic conferences devoted to the Austrian School of Economics, such as the Conference on Austrian Economics organized by the Juan de Mariana Institute and the Austrian-Galician Conference held by the Xoán de Lugo Association.

Conference on Austrian Economics

The Conference on Austrian Economics is the foremost annual academic event organized by the Juan de Mariana Institute. 2019 was its twelfth year, which makes it the longest-standing Spanish conference devoted to the Austrian School of Economics. The event lasts two days. In its last edition, the activities of one day were held at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, and those of the other day were held at Francisco Marroquín University in Madrid.

During the conference, students, professionals, and professors debate about the most recent academic contributions in the fields of economics, politics, sociology, philosophy, and ethics, and they do so in the tradition of the Austrian School of Economics or from perspectives which complement or enrich it.

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Austrian-Galician Conference

The Austrian-Galician Conference is the main event the Xoán de Lugo Association organizes each year in the Spanish city of Santiago de Compostela. The association focuses most of its efforts on this event.

At this three-day academic conference, participants seek to explore the different fields within the social sciences, and they discuss subjects as diverse as economics, philosophy, political theory, praxeology, justice, religion, morality, and art. The guiding theme is always the orthodoxy and the general principles Austrian authors represent.

The program consists of lectures followed by rounds of questions, panel interviews, activities, and free time in which speakers and attendants can exchange ideas and reflections. At this conference, particular emphasis is given to debate and the healthy discussion of the ideas presented.

Each year, the members of the Xoán de Lugo Association, led by the Honorary President, Miguel Anxo Bastos Boubeta, participate in the event, algon with special guests. In October 2020, the fifth edition of the conference will take place.

I want to know all about the most recent year and program