International Connections

The master’s degree program in Austrian Economics, with the support of Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (URJC), collaborates on an international level with different educational institutions, both formal and informal. At the root of this cooperation lies the importance Universidad Rey Juan Carlos gives to both international relationships and foreign students, particularly in the master’s program in Austrian Economics. Moreover, there are now many educational institutions worldwide devoted to this school of economic thought, which motivates them to work together.

In addition, the director of the program, Jesús Huerta de Soto, has achieved great academic prominence over the years with his prolific scientific output centered on economic science from the Austrian perspective and his excellent work training dozens of students who have enjoyed this master’s program at URJC. His work has inspired many other flourishing projects designed by collaborators, disciples, alumni, and followers, who have been encouraged by Professor Huerta de Soto’s teaching and enthusiasm. Others of his former students have achieved different important positions of academic, entrepreneurial, and political prestige; they have spread Austrian principles in a wide range of sectors; and they have influenced current political and economic affairs.

The master’s program maintains close connections with highly reputable, international institutions of learning. You can read about some of the most notable of these below.

Lübeck University(DE)

University (DE)

This university headquartered in the city of Lübeck, Germany enjoys great national and international prestige. Under the motto Im Focus das Leben, the university places special emphasis on the study of “life sciences,” interdisciplinary programs, cutting-edge research, and global collaboration.

In cooperation with Lübeck University through Prof. Leef. H. Dierks, URJC organizes the Annual Madrid Conference on Austrian Economics. The fourth edition of this international conference will take place in 2020.

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Mises Institute(USA)

Institute (USA)

Founded in 1982 by Lew Rockwell, Murray Rothbard, and Burton Blumert as a non-profit educational organization, the Mises Institute focuses on defending the principles of the Austrian School of Economics. The Mises Institute is headquartered in Auburn, Alabama and is named after Ludwig von Mises.

The Mises Institute has recently launched on September 2020 an online Master of Arts in Austrian Economics. It is the first graduate program in the United States dedicated exclusively to the teaching of economics as expounded in the works and great treatises of Ludwig von Mises and Murray N. Rothbard.

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Cobden Centre (UK)

Centre (UK)

The Cobden Centre is an economic think tank which also focuses on developing ideas related to the Austrian School of Economics. Based on a vision of an open, peaceful, and free society and under the motto For Honest Money and Social Progress, the centre’s mission revolves around research and dissemination in the area of economic and political science to further the education of society.

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Centro Einaudi(IT)

Einaudi (IT)

This Italian think tank was founded in 1963 and takes its name from Luigi Einaudi. It conducts research in the liberal tradition and seeks to be a point of reference in Italy’s cultural landscape. Apart from carrying out research projects, the center also helps disseminate its studies through various publications, meetings, conventions, and seminars. The motto of the Centro Einaudi is Conoscere per deliberare.

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Institut Économique Molinari (FRA)

Institut Économique
Molinari (FRA)

The Molinari Economic Institute (IEM), better known as the Molinari Institute, is an educational and research organization which was founded in 2003 and is currently headquartered in Paris, Brussels, and Montreal. The institute is named in honor of Gustave de Molinari, an intellectual who worked his entire life in support of liberal principles. The Molinari Economic Institute is a non-profit organization devoted to research for educational purposes and with the aim of adopting and fostering an economic approach to the analysis of public policies and of promoting economic ideas and liberal policies. The institute’s activities revolve mainly around its publications and events.

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