Joel Serrano (academic year 2019-2020)

Dear Professor,

Here is my feedback on the master’s program:

I came to this program thanks to the recommendation of a former student (Luis Alberto Iglesias Gómez). He gave such a glowing reference that I decided to write to the director of the program and ask about the possibility of enrolling. At that point, I held a B.A. and a master’s degree in philosophy. From the first moment, I received unparalleled personal attention and kindness, as well as every facility.

Now that we are nearly at the end of the school year, I must say that the master’s degree program in Austrian Economics has been, by far, the best and most exciting intellectual experience of my life. The content and quality of the program have greatly exceeded my expectations, even though these were already very high when I decided to enroll. On top of that, the professors’ qualities as people and professionals are difficult to describe in words, and I have actually found them quite moving.

Furthermore, the situation created by the coronavirus has simply improved the already existing flexibility of this program. With spectacular ease, we have all adapted to new technologies and continued with our studies by virtual means. In fact, I believe that if, in the future, students were offered the possibility of combining in-person and virtual education, it would become easier for many young people from all over the world to go through the master’s program, which would undoubtedly benefit the university and, particularly, the Austrian School of Economics.

Another really interesting aspect for a Spanish student (as I am) has been the chance to study alongside a group of top-notch students from every part of the world (one American, one Belgian, three Chileans, two Brazilians, one Chinese person, one Ecuadorian, and three Spanish people, as well as other students who are participating in only part of the program).

In addition, there have been events which fall partially outside the scope of the master’s program but are certainly related to it, such as the Conference on Austrian Economics the university organizes and a few others on a more personal level. These events have even further enriched students’ experiences this year.

In short, I would like to express my most heartfelt admiration and gratitude toward everyone who has made this possible.

Warm regards,
Joel Serrano

Emilio Eiranova (academic year 2019-2020)

What I would most like to point out about the master’s program in Austrian Economics is that it fulfills every theoretical and practical expectation a student could have when choosing to pursue a master’s degree. The professors who teach the classes have a thorough understanding of the subject. Moreover, throughout the program, an extensive bibliography of works on Austrian authors is discussed and studied. The teaching methodology combines study, explanation, and debate, and provides students with all sorts of references to the place of the Austrian School in the history of economic thought and to the arguments with which its members defend positions on methodology, economic policy, and economic analysis and fundamentals.

However, the practical expectations for the program are even higher than the theoretical ones. Over the course of the year, students are taught key concepts, ideas, and attitudes that will serve them in any practical aspect of their professional lives, present or future. No other university master’s program in Spain offers students the life advantages this one does.

Pablo Yusta (academic year 2019-2020)

The master’s degree program in Austrian economics has changed my life.

First, I would like to highlight the professionalism and quality of the professors. It is very rewarding to be among people so committed to good practices and to providing a master’s program which focuses on a school of thought so overlooked globally. Furthermore, daily they have revealed their passion for the subjects they teach. Their great ability to adapt was also clear when, during the complicated confinement period, they continued teaching their classes and offered every assistance they could to help us stay on track. My most sincere congratulations.

Second, I would like to note that this program has a great added value: the students. The classroom debates are very profound, and the insights that arise usually lead to new ideas and interesting lines of research. Some of my fellow students have come from other continents to complete this master’s program, and others already hold doctorates in other areas of expertise. This shows the great human qualities present in the small circle of people brought together by this program.

Third, I want to explain what I meant when I wrote that “the master’s degree program in Austrian economics has changed my life.” Well, I studied economics and finance at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, and therefore, I was familiar with little more than the neoclassical approach to economics. The same is true of the approach I was taught to finance. However, in studying for this master’s degree, not only have I come to understand that those theories did not accurately reflect reality, but I have also learned to think. I no longer trust people who fill the blackboard with equations so that students can quickly copy them down and later be tested on them in order to become good economists. I think that beforehand, it is important to consider the topic to be dealt with and then use an appropriate methodology.

Finally, I want to thank everyone who has been part of this great school year. I have been very fortunate to have gone through this master’s program. Naturally, I am at your disposal for any matter related to future years of the program.

In a nutshell, I cannot recommend it enough. Thank you.