Admission and Enrollment

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To enroll in the master’s degree program in Austrian Economics, you must follow a few simple steps outlined below.

Bear in mind


Both Spanish and international students can enroll, as long as they hold an official university degree from the European Higher Education Area or a similar degree from outside the European Higher Education Area (upon verification by the university).


A maximum of thirty students can participate in the program each year.


Students who hold official degrees from the European Higher Education Area and wish to be accepted into the program must attach the following documents: national ID card, official academic transcript, and university degree certificate.


Foreign students who hold degrees from outside the European Higher Education Area and wish to be accepted into the program must attach the following documents: passport or residence permit, official academic transcript, certificate of a higher education degree, and a certificate which confirms that the studies completed are a sufficient prerequisite for admission to an official graduate program in the student’s country of origin.


Students whose first language is not Spanish must provide documents to verify their level of both spoken and written Spanish. They must present a B2-level certificate in Spanish – the intermediate DELE or the equivalent. In the absence of this certification, the directors of the master’s program may request that students pass an exam to confirm their level of both spoken and written Spanish.


The master’s program has three possible pre-enrollment periods: (i) February – May, (ii) June – July, and (iii) the first two weeks of September. Consult the current, exact dates of each period.


To begin the pre-enrollment process, click on “Autopreinscripción másteres universitarios” (accessible at the above link) and fill in the information requested.


On the online application, the applicant must correctly fill in all of the personal data required, as well as their current degree and degree of interest (University Master’s Degree in Austrian Economics). In addition, the applicant must download the statement accepting responsibility for the truthfulness of the information provided, complete the statement, and attach it to the application. Finally, the applicant must submit the application and print the receipt by clicking on the appropriate button.


At the end of the different pre-enrollment periods, the names of the students admitted will be published, and they can then enroll themselves.


Each student will be given login data with which to complete their enrollment by paying to reserve their place and submitting the receipt to the university. Within the following seventy-two hours, the university will provide the student with the username and password to their URJC single-domain account, from which they will be able to access both the virtual secretary’s office and the online campus.

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