Training Itinerary

The training itinerary for the master’s program comprises twelve courses divided into two semesters, in addition to the master’s dissertation.

Below, you will find a simple outline of all the courses in the training itinerary:

The First Semester

The first semester begins in September and ends in January.

1. Basic Principles of Austrian Economics (I): Price Theory and Microeconomics
2. Market Processes and the Dynamic Efficiency of Institutions
3. The Free-Market Approach in the Field of the Economic Sciences. The Methodological Foundations of the Austrian School of Economics
4. Innovation and Technology in Market Processes
5. The Austrian School in the Context of Economic Doctrines
6. Economics and the Environment

The Second Semester

The second semester begins in January and ends in June.

7. Basic Principles of Austrian Economics (II): Monetary Theory and Macroeconomics
8. Money and Banking. The Austrian Theory of Endogenous Monetary Cycles and Financial Crises
9. Economic Analysis of Planning and Interventionism
10. The Theory of the Impossibility of Socialism. The Austrian School and Public Policies
11. The Defense Sector and Private Security as an Efficient Alternative to the Public Sector
12. Economics and Evolution. The Evolutionary Analysis of Institutions
13. Master’s Dissertation