César Martínez Meseguer

César Martínez Meseguer earned a PhD in law with a specialty in economics and public finance from the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos upon obtaining a certificate of proficiency in academic research from the Complutense University of Madrid. He also holds an undergraduate degree in business consultancy (UCM), a master’s degree in economic-financial business administration (CEF), a master’s degree in legal practice and procedure (CEIL), and a five-year law degree (UCM).

Since the 2007/2008 academic year, he has been a professor in the master’s degree program in Austrian economics, where he teaches Economics and Evolution (The Evolutionary Analysis of Institutions). He is also a professor of Introduction to Economics at the Instituto de Estudios Bursátiles (IEB) and the Autonomous University of Madrid, where, since 2006, he has taught Public Finance, The Spanish Fiscal System, and Principles of Economics at the Schools of Economics and Law.

His main areas of research are: the theory of evolutionary social institutions, spontaneous orders and organizations, monetary theory, the theory of law and legal institutions, and the epistemology of the Austrian School.

He is author of the book La teoría evolutiva de las instituciones [The Evolutionary Theory of Institutions], published by Unión Editorial. His most recent scientific papers include “La epistemología de la escuela austriaca de economía” [The Epistemology of the Austrian School of Economics] and “Aclaraciones, definiciones y críticas respecto de las teorías de la utilidad, el valor y los precios” [Clarifications, Definitions, and Criticisms of the Theories of Utility, Value, and Prices], which both appeared in the journal Market Processes. By profession, Professor Martínez Meseguer has been a lawyer (member of the Madrid Bar Association) and a business consultant since 1995. He is currently also President of the association Vortex, which is devoted to the study of spontaneous orders and their application to organizations and entrepreneurial management.