Óscar R. Carreiro

Óscar Rodríguez Carreiro holds a doctorate in political science with a specialty in political marketing: actors and institutions in contemporary societies from the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC) and graduated summa cum laude. In addition, he obtained a degree in history from the USC and a diploma in advanced studies in contemporary political processes.

He is currently a member of the Department of Applied Economics I at the School of Legal and Social Sciences and is a professor in the master’s degree program in Austrian economics at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (URJC). Rodríguez Carreiro has also worked as a professor of contemporary theory at the Institute of Political Studies and International Relations of Francisco Marroquín University in Guatemala and has been a professor of online courses in Austrian Economics and the Social Philosophy of Mises at the University of the West Online [Universidad de Occidente].

Moreover, he is a founding member and Co-Director of the Xoán de Lugo Institute, an independent academic-study center specialized in the study of the Austrian School of economics.

He has published various articles and has spoken at both national and international conferences.